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Help Winter Soldiers to help and sustain Attappadi Robotic Club program.

The Winter Soldiers is a team of junior high and high school students from the Pleasant Valley High School District in Bettendorf, Iowa. They are one of the best robotic teams in the world! Since 2017 the team has been mentoring and supporting two robotic teams at St. GEM School, Attappadi. Attappadi is a tribal village in Kerala, India. Here is their story:

We, The Winter Soldiers, have been participating in the FIRST Tech Challenge program for the past four years. Along with learning how to design and program a robot, an important part of the FIRST program is spreading the importance of STEM.

Our goal – Visit Attappadi in Summer 2018

Because of our program’s success, as well as the interest it generated in the students, we have been asked to come to the school this year and help expand the program. This is such an important opportunity for them, one we want to sustain and grow, and in order to make this plan successful we need your help.

We need funds to take supplies for the trip. Our plan is to purchase additional robotics kits for the students, then teach them how to use them. We would also like to use part of our time there to engage in other community service projects with them student population.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 so that we can set up a robotics program that can be sustained for the next 3-5 years.

Our History Our team has always had the common theme of creating value and making a difference everywhere we engage. image1 Since 2015, we have been collaborating with ICON Charities to spread engineering and robotics to St. GEMS. Many of their students come from socio-economically disadvantaged families and have no STEM opportunities. image3 We started mentoring these students during our second year into FTC, teaching them about basic Brushbot robotics. The reaction and results from the students were so positive, we spend the next two years communicating with the school and raising money for robotic supplies and equipment to set up a STEM/Robotics curriculum. In June, 2017 we met our goal, allowing us to sponsor and establish two FIRST FLL robotics teams at the school. We created an FLL robotics curriculum specifically for them which included lesson plans, videos, PowerPoints and weekly video conference calls. The students and mentors learned how to build and program the robots, as well as create a corresponding FLL-themed project. They learned fast and with great enthusiasm, resulting in a very successful season. image4 Though they were the only teams not from international schools, both teams won awards at their regional competition. One even qualified for India’s national competition this past February. Because of this success, we want to take this further and share our knowledge and skills with the students and the staff, and make it a sustainable program for the next 3-5 years.

Thank you!

Mail your check to:

ICON Charities
P O Box 552
Bettendorf, IA 52722

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$3,070 of $10,000 goal

Thank you!
List of Supporters

No Name Amount
1 The Winter Soldiers $1,120
2 Julie Dobson, IA $400
3 Anitha & Bala Sreedharan, IL $250
4 Charlene Ruccolo, IA $50
5 Sunita Atkinson, OR $100
6 Well-wisher KP001 $200
7 Sandhya Gali, GA $100
8 Alien Industries LLC, NV $100
9 CBL Rao, IL $100
10 Srinivas Vedula $150
11 Molly & Abraham Chirackal, IA $100
12 Neeraja Chavali, Neeraja Chavali $150
13 Shanthy Ghosh Roy, NJ $150
14 Durga Prasad Puli, IL $100

Attappadi students

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